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turn ons: dennis reynolds getting manhandled by large men, dennis reynolds being scared of things, dennis reynolds crying

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Team Human underwear party!!

Trying to practice drawing things quickly/loosely and without reference.

She’s my sister. My younger sister. I thought she was dead.

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TEEN WOLF AU → She’s off-limits, Isaac knows that. Derek has made it clear that he would kill him slowly and painfully if Isaac got anywhere near his sister in a way that wasn’t just as pack. Cora knows that, too - she just doesn’t seem to care for her brother’s rules.

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The next time I put my lips to your mouth, you better be awake.

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isaac lahey week day three: favourite otp

"I need you to hold her."


“We Know Who Your Crush Is” - a psychological thriller for fourth graders.

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boyd speedpaint (~25 minute or so)


boyd speedpaint (~25 minute or so)

favorite teen wolf ships (as voted by my followers)
(#12) stiles and cora

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